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We are builders of the highest quality in gunite and fibreglass swimming pools based in PMB. We offer personalized service from concept to completion, with unique and innovative designs.

We pay particular attention to detail which other companies are unable to match. From rock waterfalls and grottos to elegant Gothic styles, we not only design, but also provide hands on supervision. We make your dream become a reality.

Our custom swimming pools don't have to come at custom prices. With nearly 10 years in the industry, we offer you the absolute best at realistic prices.

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Gunite Pools

Gunite is a special concrete mixture that is applied with an air compressor and spray gun, which allows for an even coat. This technique provides the flexibility needed to create free-form pools, or pools with many irregular shapes and curves.

Gunite Advantages

  • Gunite pool surfaces provide a better grip for swimmers. Gunite pools are known for their longevity when the pool is well maintained. The key to getting the most life out of your gunite pool is to maintain proper water chemistry, limiting algae and properly covering and winterizing your pool in the off-season. Gunite pools can also be built to any shape or size.

Ashley’s Pools will evaluate your requirements and advise you on the best option. 
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