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We are builders of the highest quality in gunite and fibreglass swimming pools based in PMB. We offer personalized service from concept to completion, with unique and innovative designs.

We pay particular attention to detail which other companies are unable to match. From rock waterfalls and grottos to elegant Gothic styles, we not only design, but also provide hands on supervision. We make your dream become a reality.

Our custom swimming pools don't have to come at custom prices. With nearly 10 years in the industry, we offer you the absolute best at realistic prices.

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Fibreglass Pools

Fiberglass is one of several in-ground pool wall materials, along with gunite or plaster. Fiberglass pools are made from fiberglass fabric covered in resin, which is then covered with an anti-corrosive gel coating material for added strength. Like gunite, fiberglass pools can be made into any shape but are more expensive when custom made. Therefore, most fiberglass pools are sold in standard shapes and a variety of sizes.

Fiberglass Advantages

  • Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and are less prone to algae blooms, which cannot attach to the fiberglass surface. The pool bottom is smoother, which some owners prefer. The pool, because it comes already assembled, only has to be dropped into the excavated location, resulting in a less expensive installation. While rare, cracks in a fiberglass pool can be repaired without draining the pool.

Ashley’s Pools will evaluate your requirements and advise you on the best option. 
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