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Why Choose A Pre-Moulded Fibreglass Swimming Pool

More people are setting aside time for leisure activities and relaxation in the busy world we live in, and this means that swimming pools are becoming a more regular backyard feature.

Luckily, swimming pools come in a range of sizes and types to fit both your functional needs and your budget! Fibreglass pools are especially popular as one can purchase a pre-moulded shell in almost any shape or size and simply have it installed in the garden.

Here is a list of reasons why fibreglass pools are growing in popularity:

Fibreglass pools have a non-slip feature thus reducing swimming pool accidents. This means that people can easily walk on the floor of the pool and climb in and out using the steps without slipping and falling. Fibreglass pools are made of light materials and superior quality resins and gels. Construction material used is suitable for any ground types. Fibreglass pools are extremely durable as well as flexible which means that they can adapt to different weather conditions and withstand changes in weather. Fibreglass pools are covered with an ISO NPG Gel coating which has amazing UV properties. This means that your pool colour, whether blue or speckled, will not be faded or damaged by sunlight. You can purchase a fibreglass shell from any South African pool company and hire an installer to install it. While these pools are easy to install it is important to have it done by a professional!

Depending on the dealer, most fibreglass pools come with a fixed warranty – although it is unlikely that you will have many problems. However, if problems arise you will receive a replacement pool or the necessary repairs without having to break the bank. If your pool shell is installed and maintained correctly it is a lifelong investment!

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